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Italo Calvino

Italo Calvino was born in Santiago de Las Vegas, Cuba in 1923. Two years later, he and his family returned to San Remo, Italy.
Calvino first came into contact with the Italian Communist Party after the war broke out. In spring 1944, he entered the Resistance and fought until 1945 and the Liberation. After the war, in 1946, he landed his first job in the publicity department at the Einaudi publishing house. When he left, he worked as a journalist. He returned to Einaudi to work as an editor in 1950. Calvino wrote and published short stories, fairy tales, and novels, becoming one of the leading lights of post-war Italian literature and culture. He pursued a wide variety of topics in his works. His reflections and fables, which he published in both literary and essay form, are a measure of his erudition and cultural curiosity. Italo Calvino died in Siena in 1985.

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Kalda Popović, Edo (Aus dem Kroat. von Alida Bremer)

Turbulente Zeiten bringen turbulente Leben hervor - und eine Literatur, die solche Turbulenzen einzufangen versucht. Davon erzählt der kroatische Autor Edo Popović in seinem Roman „Kalda“. ...

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Kalda Popović, Edo

Turbulent times lead to turbulent lives – and literature, which attempts to capture this turbulence. That is what the Croatian author Edo Popović’s novel, “Kalda”, is all about. The ...

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