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Indian Nocturne

Tabucchi, Antonio


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[ book tip by Hannah Geismar ] Indian Nocturne is a strange little book that's easy to read but very hard to explain. The moment you turn the last page, you want to start reading the story again, in the hope that maybe the 2nd time around (or the 100th), the story will provide the answers to the questions you have started asking yourself along the way. Did you oversee something on a certain page? Did you misinterpret something on another?

The book's main character is on a similar quest for answers, but he's not looking for them in the pages of a book, but among people and places in India. He is trying to find his friend Xavier who has mysteriously disappeared, and the search brings him from Bombay over Madras to Goa. Along the way he tracks down various people who may or may not have seen Xavier, but no answers seem to appear, and little by little the quest disintegrates into a strange dream-like journey, where the ultimate goal becomes increasingly elusive.

Anyone who ever travelled to India knows that it’s a country - a world - of its own, where order and chaos seem to have no margin between them and where things that seem simple on the surface often turn out to be quite the opposite. Trying to impose a western sense of logic on life in India will increase confusion, not diminish it - and Tabucchi's story is a perfect mirror of that. And where other authors might have used hundreds of pages to create a similar story, Tabucchi manages to squeeze a fullblown mystery into a very small book.

Indian Nocturne is the perfect book to bring on any kind of trip: it's not heavy, it's great to share - and it will keep you puzzled for a long time.

Available in French as Nocturne Indien, Editions 10/18 1987
Available in German as Indisches Nachtstück, DTV Deutscher Taschenbuch 1994
Originally published in Italian as Notturno Italiano, Sellerio Editore 1984

[ book info ] Tabucchi, Antonio: Indian Nocturne. New Directions Publishing Corporation, 1989 .

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Genre: novel
Keywords: impressive
Style: exotic, scientific, suspenseful
Recommended for: a friendship gift, reflection, travel reading
Languages (book tip): English

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