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Leaving Reality Behind

Wishart, Adam / Bochsler, Regula,


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[ book tip by [ Medienkunst ] ] etoy vs eToys.com & other battles to control cyberspace
Written by a BBC documentary filmmaker and a Swiss television journalist, Leaving Reality Behind chronicles the parallel and intersecting paths of Etoy, a group of rag-tag Swiss hackers/performance artists, and eToys.com, one of the Web's most ambitious toy retailers. In their well-documented study, which involves more than 100 interviews along with an extensive bibliography, Wishart and Bochsler describe one microcosm of the Internet boom and bust: the e-tail toy giant, once worth more than $8 million, that sued Etoy, claiming that the seven young men in the collective had damaged its trademark by their self-described "offensive, depraved, insane, obscene, prurient, perverse, destructive, anarchistic, rebellious, and anti-social in nature" motives (clearly displayed at www.etoy.com) in 1995.

[ book info ] Wishart, Adam / Bochsler, Regula, : Leaving Reality Behind. Ecco, 2003 . ISBN: 0066210763.

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Genre: work of popular science
Keywords: exemplary, interesting
Style: informative
Recommended for: understanding, educational material
Languages (book tip): English

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